Hi, My Name is David N Johnson

Want to learn a little bit about who I am?


Social marketing is my biggest passion, right behind my family and my faith. In these pages I will share with you the insight needed to bring your SMB out into the light by teaching you how to connect with the your community in an authentic way. How? By making the community just a little bit better because your business is part of it.

My focus will be on both the business itself and the individual. So, whether you're a business owner, salesperson, blogger or anybody else looking to develop a platform focused on social purpose this is where you will find the answers. Are you ready for the journey?

My Story

I'm a real person. It took me some time to find my way, like most kids I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. I always worked hard and did my best at everything I did, but I had no real direction. A lot of people will dazzle you with their big degrees, big cars and million dollar lifestyle, but that isn't me.

I never attended a university or even a community college, but what I did do was read everything I could get my hands on, think about marketing concepts non-stop and tested everything I learned while developing my own tactics. It all started when I wanted to make more money at the dealership I worked at. I developed my own ways to generate leads and I found out the best ways to use the internet and relationships to do just that.

I taught myself how to build websites, how to SEO them and drive traffic that converts. From there I got bit by the social media bug and developed strategies around people that created both customer loyalty and word-of-mouth. I consider myself a student, that way I continually learn as a student... but at the same time I question everything I learn and always test, test, test.

Now, I teach. Yes, a student teacher. Why? Because I enjoy teaching others what I've learned. I enjoy watching those I've taught "get it." The moment when their eyes widen and a look of acceptance covers their face is the moment I'm always on the look out for. What I teach isn't just about social networks, it's about more than that. What I teach is about transcendence, it's about going further than the use of tools. I teach about human nature, our desire to connect and how businesses can use that knowledge to grow their bottom lines and create customer loyalty.