Guest Post: Follow Up… Why Even Bother With it?

This is a guest post written by Bob Gaber, a recruiting and sales training professional with Automax Recruiting & Training. If you are looking to hire and train a new breed of sales professionals look no further than Automax. You can contact Bob HERE.

When a client walks through the door or calls on the phone, they ARE looking to purchase a vehicle.   88% of the people would have gone on the internet to research the product and the dealership.  They are looking for someone who they can trust and like. The only thing we can do from this point on is screw it up.

Every week, as part of the learning process, students are sent out to mystery shop the competition. Invariably, they come back with horror stories of how they were treated and how impossible it is for the competition to follow up with them.  Follow up is professional and expected.  National statistics bear this out.  Only 16.7% of our clients will buy the first time they come in to our dealerships. That number balloons to 53% when they come back!

The problem is that most salespeople do not know how to follow up properly. They think the only question they can ask is, “Have you made a buying decision yet?”. That is wrong and can be annoying. So what do we do? We stop following up and start making excuses.

We change this stickin thinkin by following some simple rules.

1) Always have a reason to follow up. Ex. We just got in some new inventory with some less equipment that fits right into your budget, you need to see them, When are you available?

2) You do not want to keep leaving messages and the messages you leave should be designed to create curiosity. Curiosity moves people, not information.  An example of a curiosity creating phone message:  Hi, Mr. Jones, this is David Johnson from ABC Motors, I have some OUTSTANDING NEWS FOR YOU!!! You must call me back!!!! 555-1212.” Playing phone tag services no purpose. We want to talk with our clients.

3) We must show consistency in effort. We cannot dabble and stop calling after one time and leaving one message.  We need to set up a routine and follow it. The expression is we will follow up with our clients until they buy or die! There is truth to this.  Remember, they came to us and they must have wanted something. And until they say, “STOP!” why would presume that they bought somewhere else?

Want to increase your odds at being the best, FOLLOW UP!!!  It is professional, and it is expected.      If you don’t, well there is always that next UP, isn’t there…     What are your thoughts on this?


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