Advanced Sales Techniques

Selling To Their Wants, Not To Your Own

As salespeople there are really only two ways that you can make your customer feel. The first is to make them feel as if all you want is their money; the second, is that you truly do want to help them. You see, the two really only have one difference and that is mindset. Mindset,…

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Guest Post: Follow Up… Why Even Bother With it?

This is a guest post written by Bob Gaber, a recruiting and sales training professional with Automax Recruiting & Training. If you are looking to hire and train a new breed of sales professionals look no further than Automax. You can contact Bob HERE. When a client walks through the door or calls on the…

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Your Comfort Zone is Killing Your Ability To Win [Guest Post]

I’ve known T. Lavon Lawrence for years, he is the lead Mental Fitness Trainer & Brain Training Consultant for Dynamic Mental Fitness Training, INC. He has developed a ground breaking mental fitness program called Neuro-Sculpting!© that works to give you Better Mental Focus, Improved Mental Concentration and Stronger Willpower. Using his time tested, scientifically backed…

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Increased Rapport and Building Trust

“If you expect above-average results you must learn, implement and perform above-average concepts.” Pacing, matching or mirroring, whatever it is that you want to call it, has been around a long time. As sales people, we have all at one time or another read a book, listened to a CD or attended training of some…

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The Non-Verbal Meet and Greet

Last week I wrote about pacing and its importance in building rapport. If you haven’t read it yet take a look at it after reading this article, which really should have come first. Pacing happens during or after the initial greeting but what should you do even before that? I’m talking about the moments just…

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Cult Like Persuasion, The Jim Jones Effect

While I do NOT condone doomsday cults or what they represent if you keep an open mind there is a lot that we can learn from them in regards to persuasion. Take a look at the likes of Jim Jones, David Koresh, Hitler or a number of others and you will find masters of persuasion.…

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