Social Media

Perception Vs. Reality – The Social Chasm

Before digging into this post I think it’s important to note that the idea for this post came from the pastor of my church this past week. No, this isn’t going to be a religious diatribe, I just wanted to point out that little tidbit. In the sermon he was talking about the perception of…

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I Have A Big Announcement To Make

Big changes are happening around here and that is very good news for the auto industry! I’m both proud and honored to announce that I have partnered with 3GEngagement, the auto industries premier provider of both digital fixed-ops and SEO, to bring the auto industry the most robust, managed social media platform for automotive dealerships……

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Somewhere Along The Way You Forgot To Adapt

The oak tree, mighty and majestic towers above you, a behemoth reaching towards the stars. Unflinching and unyielding, it’s hard to imagine something stronger as it stands stoic and unwavering in it’s destiny of growth. In 2004, living in Pensacola Florida, Hurricane Ivan became the 5th most costliest storm ever to hit the United States,…

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