Generating the Buzz

If you've ever seen a movie preview, then you already know what Buzz Generation marketing is.

This tactic uses anticipation build up to generate massive interest in your web site before it is "officially" available to the general public. The trick with this tactic is to tell everyone you can about your site. But you need to do it in such a way that it creates an aura of mystery thereby generating a huge curiosity to know more.

Speaking of movies, how about The Blair Witch Project for example? That was a low budget student film made by three college kids. This would have been something that was placed directly onto the back burner and virtually unknown by anyone outside their classmates. But, they did something ingenious.

Before their movie was scheduled to be shown, they dropped out of site for about a year. This created a serious buzz about their whereabouts. Were they alive? Were their lives taken by the Blair Witch? What happened to them? No one really knew for sure. And thus began the gigantic buzz.

All sorts of "official" and "unofficial" message boards and forums started cropping up. People from all over the country wanted to know what had happened to them. And most importantly, was the film an account of actual events? Could it have possibly been true? And, was there such a person as the Blair Witch?

Well, even though most folks should have known that showing a film  containing an actual death in it was against the law, they still wondered, were the three college kids dead? I mean, no one had heard from them in almost a year. And the film was liken to a "home movie". It looked pretty real.

It made the movie studio who purchased it from the college students a ton of money. And of course, after the "official" public release, the three students came out of hiding so the world would now know that it was all just a movie.

But boy, did all this publicity make people flock to go see it! It was a stroke of marketing genius to say the very least. And, before people knew it was just another horror movie, it scared the crap out of them not knowing.

It played on their fears of the unknown. And it raked in the cash by generating serious curiosity through the mysterious disappearance of the three college kids and the circumstances surrounding it.

Buzz Marketing kicks your promotional efforts into high gear when done properly. Just like the Blair Witch kids. But, lets look at a few examples from internet marketers.

Someone who is extremely experienced in this type of marketing is a man by the name of Mike Filsaime. He actually introduced most of the marketing world to this concept through a product called "Butterfly Marketing".

But Mike had been using Buzz Marketing long before this. Mike has created plenty of marketing products and they have all done well and made him plenty of cash. He's not the only marketer that uses this tactic though. Plenty of other marketers use the Buzz tactic. The reason is simple. It works.

To successfully create a "buzz" about your site, you have to actually start talking about it to other people interested in the subject matter that's found on your site. Get them excited about the concept. Build anticipation. And they'll show up when you finally "open up shop". Some marketers will even talk about their own site as if it doesn't belong to them and they just happened to mistakenly stumble across this fantastic site that will help with X-Y-Z.

There are a couple of different ways you can use the Buzz Generation Marketing tactic to your advantage.

The first is through your email list. Send out a group of emails, one at a time, and spaced out just enough to start generating curiosity. At first, just start with "running your site idea" by your subscribers. Such as:

"Hi there [FirstName]. I wanted to write to you today because  I just had this killer idea. Although, I'm not sure if I want to really do something with it at this point because it's such a  controversial topic. It may get some people hopping mad. That's why I wanted to run it by you first and get your personal opinion on it. . ."

Or something similar. Remember, you are trying to create curiosity through being mysterious about the details you offer. Don't overdo it. Just give them a crumb trail to put them on the path you want them to be on.

Then each email thereafter should build upon that first one like a stack of Lego blocks until your official site launch.

By the time you "officially" launch your web site, you should have plenty of your subscribers, and maybe those people they tell about it too, flocking to your site just to see what it's all about.

One of the greatest and most ingenius uses of this "buzz" tactic must be one that was done masterfully by Dr. Joe Vitale and his What Is The Secret? promotion. It is simply amazing. If you have not seen this, or do not know why Dr. Vitale is, you must go and see this shining example.

Dr. Vitale never really tells you what the secret is. But he most definitely generates undeniable curiosity in whoever visits his video portion of the site.

By using a visually stimulating video, and I'll explain how you can do this a bit later on, coupled with never really 'revealing' what the secret is, Dr. Vitale has effectively piqued every single visitors curiosity to learn more and find out what the 'secret' is.

He has made it darn near impossible for you not to want to know what his 'secret' is. And guess how you find out? You pay him! Then, and only then, can you find out what this life changing secret is. Again, I say to you, masterfully done.

But, how did he get people flocking to see his video in the first place?

Through his mailing lists of course. He recruited his own subscribers to spread the word - and did they ever. I mean honestly, after watching his free video, who wouldn't want to? Plus his subscribers should know better than anyone else why Dr. Vitale is so amazing, right? They trust him. Therefore it stands to reason that these people would be his best 'word of mouth' advertising.

Here are a few samples of what Joe sent off to his subscribers to give you a better idea of how he generated such a 'buzz':

"The greatest film event in history is *finally* ready for your viewing.

Please go to -

Expect miracles."


"I *just* learned that the long-awaited movie "The Secret" will air next week, on Thursday, March 23rd.

See my blog for details.

Just go to and click on the blog link on the left.

Expect Miracles."


The movie "The Secret" was supposed to air on Feb. 15th.

It didn't -- yet some people have seen it, anyway.

If you want to hear what happened to it, go to and look for the blog link on the left. Click on it.

Then read my latest blog entry.

But whatever you do, don't tell anyone what's there.

After all, it's still a secret.


Joe is doing just what I am telling you to do. He is generating interest in the movie by creating an undeniable curiosity through being mysterious and limited in how much information he provides to his subscribers.

And he continues to build this piqued curiosity by offering a few more tidbits of information with every successive email he sends out.

But Joe isn't the only person who can do this. YOU can also do it.

Another way, if you don't have an email list, is to use online forums. They're absolutely phenomenal for creating a "buzz" about anything really.

You just have to know how to do it. Similar to the example given above for your email list, be sketchy about the details. Or you can even use this little humdinger of a trick...

"DO NOT View This Site, PLEASE" as a forum topic title. And of course there is the ever popular "THIS IS TOP SECRET - View At Your Own Risk!"

A lot of times, when you tell people not to do something, or that it could be potentially dangerous for one odd reason or another, they'll do it anyway just because you told/warned them not to. Again, this is human nature. But you've also piqued their curiosity by telling them not to look at the web site. So, those are pretty much the steps to using the Buzz Marketing tactic.

Another super way to use the Buzz Marketing tactic is through using "private invitations".

I've seen this used a lot online. This also works to create a positive response by making people feel they are in a specially designated group. Or a select few that have received an exclusive invitation to go to your private site.

And then once they arrive there, as a reward for signing up for whatever offer to become a member can then acquire permission to tell their friends.

So to successfully use the Buzz Marketing tactic you need to do three things:

1. Create A Bit Of Mystery By Talking About Your Site To Others

2. Keep Building Upon The Discussion In Spaced Intervals Always Providing Just A Few Tidbits More To Keep The Curiosity Growing

3. Then Tell Them How To Go See What You've Been Talking About Firsthand For Themselves Once You Have "Officially" Opened Up The Site To The General Public, Or To Those Invited.

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