Are Your Customer Touch Points Exceptional? Creating Word Of Mouth

Take the time today to examine your customer touch points, from the time they walk on the lot, to the time they drive off in their new car and ask yourself one question, "Was that exceptional?" If the answer is no then reevaluate and make a change. By taking the time to ensure that each and every touch point is exceptional you go a long way to influencing word of mouth. (More on Social Collaboration)

A touch point is each step in your business process that the customer touches, it could be your website, the receptionist who answers the phone, the person who sets the appointment, the sales person or service adviser who greets them, the waiting room or even the bathroom, "Are they exceptional?"

If you continually delight your customers during every step of the decision, buying and ownership process then you not only go a long way to creating a customer for life but also the all too important brand ambassador, or in other words the guy or gal who tells everybody to come and buy from you.

Designing The Exceptional Experience

Once you have walked through the whole process of buying a car or obtaining service at your dealership, all the way from the marketing to the follow-up, makeĀ  change an integral part of your business operations and ensure that EVERY employee is aligned with creating an exceptional customer experience, no exceptions.

Like clockwork, every month, run through the process again to ensure that things are moving smoothly but above all else listen to your customer, ask them how you can make the process even better and then adapt. With the onset of social media customers have a way to get their voices heard and if you want your customers to talk about you in a positive light then you must delight, surprise and delight some more, 100% of the time.

Final thoughts

While doing a walk through of your business process, if you find something that doesn't fit or takes too much time or doesn't lend to the exceptional experience, get rid of it, change it or make it better. In the end its the difference in what was expected and the level of service received that will dictate whether or not the word of mouth is positive or negative.

In closing it doesn't matter if you do what I laid out in this short post or not, people will talk, people are talking and people will continue to talk about you and your dealership whether you're listening or not. But, if you want what they are talking about to be positive and equal referrals then you had better get started.

I'd Love To Hear What You Think:

What touch points can you think of, right now, that need to be addressed so that they delight and become exceptional?

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