Trust Is Earned, So Go Earn It!

Building Trust
Building Trust

Simple enough. I could end this blog post right here because the title says it all, 'Trust is Earned, So Go Earn It!' but I wont because I have plenty to say on the topic and besides I can't leave too much white space just laying around now can I? defines trust as: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

Trust is a powerful word, it can make or break your business.

Again, over simplification but you get the idea. Always keep in mind that gaining trust isn't easy while losing it is.

Below are the Top 10 Ways to Build Trust:

  1. Follow Through- If you say your going to do something, do it. If your talking on the phone with a client and you tell them that as soon as you hang up you will email or fax over a brochure, get it done.
  2. Be Truthful- Going beyond just building trust, being truthful is a best practice that you should ALWAYS be doing. Without trust you have no friends, without trust you have no business, be truthful with everything you do, with everything you say.
  3. Be Consistent- Stop redefining who you are all the time, be consistent in your actions. People like consistency, we don't like change.
  4. Bring Value Beyond The Product- People aren't just doing business with your product or service, they are doing business with you. Give the value of your time by going above what is expected, remember that your clients success is your success; make it known.
  5. Be Sincere- Believe in what you do, do what you say and care for the people you work with.
  6. Be Genuine and Give Praise- Say thank you and mean it. Give praise and mean it. Be real, show appreciation and praise others for their contributions.
  7. Focus on Their Needs-  Stop thinking about what you want and need and start thinking about what THEY want and need. Put others first.
  8. Take Blame- If its your fault, own up to it.
  9. Fix Your Mistakes- We all make mistakes and we all know it. In business clients know that mistakes can and will happen but its HOW you handle the mistake that people will judge you on.
  10. Be a Good Listener and Ask Question- Stop waiting for somebody else to stop talking just so you can throw your two cents in. Listen to what they have to say with your full attention and ask well though out questions, show that you are interested.

There will always be a time when your integrity will be questioned. Not that it's true or holds any water but each one of us has our own perspective and no matter how hard we try to show people that we do have integrity others may not receive what we are putting out there the way that we intended it.

By following the Top 10 Ways to Build Trust you are assured of building a strong foundation of trust in yourself and in your business. If you want to weather the storm then be prepared for it when it hits.

While at first blush this post may not seam to be about social media, which is usually what I write about, but if  you look a little closer and you will see a formula for how to interact with the people in your social networks. Keep in mind that just because you aren't sitting right there in front of the people on Facebook doesn't mean they aren't real.

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