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Blog Marketing

By David N Johnson | Comments Off on Blog Marketing

You don’t have a ‘blog’ yet?  What are you waiting for? Blogs (short for ‘weblogs’) aren’t just online diaries for teenagers. While it’s true that the youth market was the first to popularize this technology, more and more businesses have caught on to the value of blogs as dynamic content management tools. A blog can…

Banner Advertising

By David N Johnson | 1 Comment

Banner advertising fell into disfavor in the past few years due to overuse and poor performance. Text links replaced them as the preferred ad-linking method in most cases, and this still holds true today. However, banners aren’t totally dead… In fact, they’re alive and well on quite a few high-traffic niche sites, sometimes at bargain…

Generating the Buzz

By David N Johnson | Comments Off on Generating the Buzz

If you’ve ever seen a movie preview, then you already know what Buzz Generation marketing is. This tactic uses anticipation build up to generate massive interest in your web site before it is “officially” available to the general public. The trick with this tactic is to tell everyone you can about your site. But you…

Internet Marketing Terms

By David N Johnson | Comments Off on Internet Marketing Terms

Welcome to the online world of Internet Marketing. Below you will find a few terms that you should make yourself familiar with before you even start the wonderful journey of Internet Marketing. I will continue to build upon this list and use it as a sort of glossary for other, more in-depth articles that are to come.