[Recording] F&I and Social Media- A Good Match or a Waste of Time?

On May 25th I did a webinar titled F&I and Social Media- A Good Match or a Waste of Time? I decided on this topic because of all the controversy surrounding it. I noticed that most in the debate were thinking about only 1 side of social marketing. In the webinar recording below I showcased how  the F&I manager can create authority, thus building trust with people before they ever come into the finance office.

At the end of webinar, while I didn't see any questions being asked, there were a few that I didn't see until after I clicked end meeting. Here is one of those questions and as more are asked I will make sure to put there here:

  • Marv: I get a lot of what you're talking about here David but my question is really kind of simple.
  • Since car people aren't generally trusted by the public, why would they believe any advice we might offer on a dealership Facebook page?
  • My answer: Most people have a built in BS meeter, they know if you don't have their best interests at heart. We are in a low trust industry, but by being open and upfront I feel that people will see that you are not like one of them. The term, breath of fresh air, comes to mind.
  • Stephanie: how do dealers go about building their base audience for a blog?
  • My answer: the best way to build your audience is through your current customers. The F&I manager can share it with the customer after all the paperwork is signed. Also, SEO. I like to use Googles Keyword Tool. I can do a search and see what people are searching for in the local market and make sure that I write a post about what is being searched for. From there I make sure I use the keyword in the title and in the body.

    Also, current friends are another good way to get it started. Have them share it on their social networks. As long as the content is good, the info will spread as people talk about it and share it. Of course there is also linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Twitter being a great tool to gain a local following on a blog.

Video will be back soon