Who is David N Johnson?

Hi. I’m David N Johnson. I’m nobody special. I’m just an average Joe (David?) trying to make a difference. I’m not a celebrity, a billionaire, or some well-known guru. I’m just like you. Heck, I am you.

Just like you, I was lied to. I believed that one was too small a number to make a difference. I falsely believed that the difference making should be left to somebody else. That there was no way that I could start something that would have a positive impact on others.

So, I sat back and hoped things would change. Guess what? They didn’t. Why? Because it only takes one person to decide that things can and should be better. One person to decide that they want to influence just one other person to want to do the same.

You see, one is just the right number. That one person is you.

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

In order to make a difference you must first learn how to make a difference in your own life. You must learn how to make your life better so that you can make the lives of those around you better off because of it.

In these pages I write on a variety of topics, mostly centered around morality, mindset, helping others, and success. Take a look. Leave a comment. Share what interests you. But, above all, let’s make a difference.

I’ll be seeing you around.