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by David N Johnson

January 17, 2019

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Today is the day that I find the root cause of my most nagging negative thoughts. People keep telling me to think positive, that my life will change because of it, but still negative thoughts creep up on me. They have a way of dulling the edges of my life, some days more than others. They prevent me from achieving my goals, being truly happy, and living in the moment. Today, I will confront my negative thoughts, overcome them, and win the day. Today, I’m more because I overcome.

I’ve been told to push my negative thoughts aside. To replace them with positive affirmations and with the power of my mind alone I will find my way, despite my negative feelings. That was a lie. Today, I have decided to focus on the negative. Not to bring me down, but to objectively find the cause of my worry and squash it once and for all. Today, I’m a warrior. Today, I am my own my champion. Today, I will go to battle with my inner demons, slay them, and come away a better version of myself. Today, I’m more because I overcome.

Today is the day that I stop running. It’s time to slow it down, take a look back, and name what is chasing me. I will confront my fear head on and will use it to propel myself forward. Fear is my friend. It motivates me to be more because as I grow my fear shrinks. As my fear shrinks, I learn more about myself and how to live my life with full intention. Today, I’m more because I overcome.

Today I choose confrontation. Not with others because that is counterproductive, but with my negative thoughts. Instead of allowing them to hinder me, I will use them to bolster my courage forward. Just like a stone in my path can be seen as an insurmountable hurdle or just a stepping stone, I choose to use what is holding me back as a way to gain more wisdom about the path ahead. Today, I’m more because I overcome.

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