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by David N Johnson

January 3, 2019

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Today I will start living with intent. Gone are the days I wake up and get swept away by the world around me. Today, I choose how my day will play out. Today, I’m in charge. Just as I will be tomorrow, the next day, and every day forward. Today is my day.

By living my days intentionally I get to decide if I will have a good day or a bad day and I chose to have a good day. No matter what the day brings, it’s my intent to make the most out of every situation. I may not be able to control some of the things that happen around me but I do have control over how I react to them. Today is my day.

I woke up today knowing what I wanted out of the day and I’ll make sure that I wake up each morning thinking the same way. By controlling my thoughts and deciding how I’ll react to the world around me I become more because that’s who I’m deciding to be. Today, I decide to be a person of action. No longer will I allow my intentions to stay in my head. Rather, today I decide to live them out. Today is my day.

Today, in my heart of hearts, I know that intention determines outcome and likewise MY intentions will determine MY outcomes. I choose this because I’m worth it. I have value. My life has meaning and because I woke up today the world is a better place because it’s my intent to add to lives of others. Today is my day.

Today is my day to shine because it’s my intention to make it so. Today is my day to succeed because I’m the architect of my own future. Today is my day to be more so that I can do more for other people. Today I will take action on the things I’ve been meaning to take action on because it’s how I propel myself forward. Today is my day.

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