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by David N Johnson

February 6, 2019

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Today, I make fear my friend. Instead of running away I’ll stay and fight. I’ll fight for a better future; a better life, more joy, more adventure. Today, I fight for a better me. No longer will I lack the courage to do the things I want in life. No longer will I turn away from my ambition because it scares me. Today, I fear no more!

In my past, fear has prevented me from truly living. It has stopped me from going after that promotion, starting my own business, taking that trip, saying I do, and helping somebody in need. My fear used to cripple me. It put a limit on my life, preventing me from finding my joy. No longer will I fear. My inaction has stopped me for the last time. Today, I fear no more!

Today is the day that I kick fear in the teeth and take back my life. Today I have the courage to do what needs to be done. Today, I am more because I’ve decided for it to be so. I have decided to let my courage define me, rather than my inability to fight against that which scares me. Today, I fear no more!

Today, I fight for what my soul wants. Today is the day that will define the rest of my tomorrows because no longer will I settle for the safe path. Instead, I’ll take the path where I have to battle fear to reach my most important life goals. Today, I chase my passion. My fear me damned. Today, I fear no more!

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