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by David N Johnson

January 28, 2019

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Today, my passion will turn into a healthy obsession as I focus on my why. Why do what I do? What pushes me internally and externally to perform at the levels required to achieve my goals? I can know the how of things, the steps needed to accomplish my dreams, but if I neglect the why behind it all my chances of success are slim. Today, I will focus on my why.

Today, before I begin any task, I will ask myself why what I’m about to do is essential in my life. I’ll remind myself of the bigger picture, my goals, who needs me on my A game, and how what I’m about to do effects it all. My why is my motivation. My why will propel me forward in ways my determination never could. My whys are my guiding light, the cornerstone of my success, and the fuel I need to keep pushing forward. Today, I will focus on my why.

Today, I’ll reflect inwardly and discover my why because without it I can’t do what needs to be done. Without my why my only hope is to fumble around in the dark until I’m lucky enough to trip over my dreams. I refuse to let my success be by accident. Today, I’ll be intentional with my actions, with my why at the forefront of my thoughts. Today, I will focus on my why.

Why? Because it’s my driving force. My why will push me when I want to give up. My why will keep me accountable. My why will shake me when I need to be shook. It will continually remind me of the importance of my journey. Today, I will focus on my why.

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