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by David N Johnson

May 18, 2022

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Today I’m going to thrive. I refuse to go through the motions just to survive. Each day is a gift and I do my self a disservice if my only goal is to get through the day.

I will own today. I will make it mine. I will bend the will of the forces around me to my specifications. I will use them to not only ensure my survival but to ensure that I thrive.

My reason for being is more than just making it through the day. My reason is to realize my full potential so that I can teach others to do the same.

I’m worth more than the 24 hours that I’m gifted each day. I’m more than the space that I physically take up. I’m more than my thoughts. More than my feelings of inadequacy. I am more because I have decided today that I will be.

I will not go through my remainder of days thinking that I am owed anything. That’s base level survival thinking and that is no longer good enough.

Today, I will THRIVE!

Today I will be more mindful of my potential. Today my thinking will NOT be limited by WHO I am but WHAT I am capable of!

Today I will close the gap between the present me and my future potential. Tomorrow I will make the same decision. For each day is meant to be molded and I am it’s sculptor.

Nobody can take that away from me. I can only give it away. I refuse to do that! I refuse to give my power away for my power is mine! However, I will use my power to help others realize theirs.

Today, I will THRIVE!

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