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by David N Johnson

January 15, 2019

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Today, I will take each moment as it comes and will take from them only what I can use to make myself better. Much like the winemaker removes the sediment and froth during the winemaking process, I to shall remove from my day the things that don’t belong. Today, I am a seeker of wisdom.

Today, I shall live my life in the moment with a close eye on how it will affect my future. I will not be sidetracked. I will not be pushed from my course. Today, I decide how I feel and what I will take away from each interaction. Today, I choose to take away the wisdom of each moment and use it to better my life and my outlook, while leaving behind anything that might trip me up. Today, I am a seeker of wisdom.

Today, I will not be under the illusion that everything will go my way. Things will come up. Moments won’t go as planned. There will be things that happen that will be outside of my control. However, how I react in those moments will always be in my control. Today, I chose to show wisdom in both my actions and in what I take away from my interactions. Today, I am a seeker of wisdom.

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