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by David N Johnson

January 10, 2019

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Today, I will be fully engaged in the moment. Today, I bring my A-game to every interaction. Today, I decide to be focused 100% on the person or task that is in front of me. No longer will I allow my mind to pull me in other directions, splitting my attention between what I’m currently working on or who I’m working with and some other thought. Today, I’ll be present so that I can give all of myself to each moment of my day. Today, I’m 100%.

Today, I’ll be fully aware of the world around me by being fully conscious of the present. I understand that my time is finite, so time is, therefore, one of life’s most precious gifts. Today, I decide to be more engaged so that I can better take advantage of the opportunities that come with each moment in time. Today, I’m 100%.

Today, I’ll focus 100% on my relationships because they are the center of my happiness. Each moment I spend with the important people in my life is a moment that I’ll be fully engaged in and cherish because they deserve my full attention. Today, I’m 100%.

Today, I’ll feel more. Today is a gift, each moment a present to be unwrapped, savored, and felt. I’ll treat each moment as such and give each of them my full attention. The moment deserves it. I deserve it. Today, I’m 100%.

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