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by David N Johnson

January 7, 2019

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Today, I decide how I feel. Never again will I allow the actions of other people to dictate how I feel about myself, my surroundings, or my station in life. Never again will I define myself or my life in terms of the things that HAPPEN to me. Rather, I decide to be a product of how I REACT to those things. Today, I’m the architect of my life.

I’ve decided that today will be my best day ever. Why? Because I will it to be so. Every day before today can’t compare with what today will bring. But, I know that tomorrow will be even better because tomorrow will be a new day and I will it to be so. Henceforth, that’s how I will live every day forward. Living the day as if it’s my best day ever with the knowledge that tomorrow will be even better. Today, I’m the architect of my life.

Today, I approach my day with the knowledge that things will happen that I can’t plan for but with the mental fortitude to react in ways that benefit me. This is accomplished by knowing what I want out of life and each day going forward. I understand that in order to build the life I want that I must chose the best materials with which to build it and that starts with my outlook on life. My outlook on life and how I react to the things outside of my control are the mortar that holds everything together, without it I’m just unrealized potential. A pile of bricks without a building plan. Today, I’m the architect of my life.

Today, I decide. Today, is my day. Today is the day that I start living life on my own terms. Today is the first day of my new life. A new life that starts with the decision to react only in ways that support my new life. A decision that I don’t make lightly. A decision made with a conviction of purpose that is unrivaled by man or beast. Today, I’m the architect of my life!

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