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by David N Johnson

November 6, 2023

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Hope is like the first sliver of sunlight piercing through the darkest of clouds, heralding in a new day after a storm. It’s the quiet, steadfast belief that no matter how tightly the storm may coil around us, there is a light untamed by gloom.

Imagine it as a seed, waiting and dormant below the frozen ground. With it, the promise of a blooming flower, despite the cold lingering touch of the winter above. It whispers to us in moments of doubt that no matter how impossible things are, the words “what is not today could be tomorrow.”

Hope is our silent ally. It bridges the chasm between challenge and triumph. Success and failure. Today and tomorrow. All it asks in return is the courage to dream and the willingness to take a step forward. It’s the canvas of the heart, where our deepest desires paint a masterpiece with beautiful flourishes, bright colors, and tinted hues.

Understand that while today may be hard, things will get better. Belief, like an anchor, will hold you in place even during the roughest of seas. It’s a declaration, a stance against the swirling winds of pessimism, that “this too, shall pass.”

Consider it the gardener’s faith as they plant seeds under the blanket of soil, trusting in the unseen magic that turns tiny kernels into bountiful harvests. This belief is a map we carry in our innermost pocket, charting the route from where we are to where we could be, fueled by the milestones of our past victories. It’s the compass that guides us ever forward despite the unknown.

Belief and hope are intimately intertwined. It’s like an ancient tree, who’s roots intermingle below the surface and draw energy from the same source. Belief acts as the foundation, the very bedrock upon which a castle is built. It’s the visions of the future we hold to be true. The visions we’re certain that will manifest.

Hope then is the blossoming of that belief. It’s the lush foliage, flowering buds, and thick branches that reach towards the sky, animated by the possibilities. One can not stand without the other. Belief, without hope, lacks wings. It can see the sky, but it lacks what is needed to take flight. Hope without belief lacks an anchor and will drift forever at sea.

Together, they form the heartbeat of aspiration. They pulse the rhythm of what could be and the potential of what is possible.

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