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by David N Johnson

December 4, 2018

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Being socially adept isn’t something that is taught in school, nor should it be. While it is something that should be enforced at school, being social adept is something that should be taught at home.

We can all be more civil with one another by treating each other with respect, love, and understanding. True, stress distorts the way of things, but it doesn’t greenlight the poor treatment of others. Yes, hold people accountable but if you learn how to do it from a place of love we can all come together and fix any and all problems that affect society as a whole.

This doesn’t happen through division. This happens by being civil, kind, relationship centered, understanding, forgiving, gracious, and problem solving oriented. That last one is a biggie, if each of us focused more on fixing the problem than we do on wanting to be right, then a lot more problems would have soltuions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree, it just means that you have to go about that disagreement in a different way. Focus on the issue, not the person. Fix what is broken and learn to pull in instead of pushing away.

Learn how to do this so that you can teach your children and others how to do the same. One person can make a difference. Don’t believe the lie that one is too small a number. You’re enough.

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