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by David N Johnson

October 31, 2019

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Life is a process. It’s a continual march towards who you’re becoming. If you take a look at the trajectory of your life and all of its ups and downs as a simple line graph, you start to see how one thing leads to another.

You were born with an amazing amount of potential — a never-ending Well of greatness from which to draw.

Many go through life without tapping into that Well. Don’t let that be you. Don’t allow all of the things that life will throw your way to block up your Well. Draw from it. Use it. It’s there to be used by you. However, never forget that your potential isn’t meant only to help yourself, but also the lives of those around you.

Stagnation will eat at you. Your Well wants to be realized. It was a gift given to you by God for the betterment of all and the elevation of self.

Always remember that the macro of your life is more important than the individual micros that it’s comprised of. Many will quit during a bad micro-moment without ever realizing that it’s part of the process that is life.

You won’t always get the A. You won’t always get the win. Not everything will go to plan. You will feel disappointment. But, remember the Well. It’s deep, and it’s wide. It’s vast and never-ending. Draw from it and understand that the only limits put onto your life are the ones that you add or ALLOW others too.

As life moves on, it becomes easier to blame others for your lot in life. And why not? It’s easier to forgive a failure when the onus for it is on somebody else. Learn to look within for the strength you need; it’s all right there in the Well.

It’s time that you get more comfortable with failing. We all do it; none are immune. Failure can block up your Well if you allow it. Learn to change your thinking from failure as a roadblock to failure as a teacher.

The life you want doesn’t just arrive; it’s a consistent drive with the understanding that you have the greatness right there inside you. You were born with it.

Much like the consistent flow of a river can cut through stone, so can you cut through the walls holding you in.

Be who you dream of being. Learn to weather the storms that will inevitably come your way. It will be hard but it will be even more rewarding.

Where are you leading your life?

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