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by David N Johnson

July 19, 2021

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Life. I love you. I can’t always say that. At least not in the way I mean it right now. But, I try.

You’ve given me everything. You’ve given me my wife. My kids. My home. My career. And my health.

You’ve given me so much more than I’ve given you. I’m trying to work on that part but I know that I’ll always be behind on repayment. But, you’re okay with that because you’re a giver.

You’re tough. Or, at least that’s how I perceive it. I know that you don’t have any sort of vendetta against me, or anybody else for that matter.

But, it can feel like that way at times.

Yes, I know.

I know that’s just how I perceive it. I know that you are always presenting me with choices. Even when you know I may screw it up.

You give me the choice to either lay down and take the beating or make a stand and allow the lesson to forge me into something stronger. Something more capable. Something, happier.

You’re pretty old school like that. And that’s why I love you. You give me the ability to do whatever I want, to be whoever I want.

I hear people complain about you.




They say you’re unfair. That you single them out like a sadistic kid with a magnifying glass and an anthill. But, I know better.

You’re neutral. You’ve leveled the playing field. I wasn’t born into a family with money and connections but you’ve allowed me to become whatever I wanted.

No, it wasn’t a straight line to where I am now but you allowed me to make the choices that lead me here.

You allowed me to fail.

You gave me the room I needed to learn the lessons required to make it to the next level. It wasn’t always pretty, but at least I had the room to grow. Every step of the way you presented me with choices. When I made the wrong ones you made me pay. When I made the right ones, you paid.

I love you for that.

You’ve taught me that I can either blame you or blame myself. When I blame you I make excuses for why not, when I blame myself I make plans for how too.

It’s simple really. But also really hard. Simple in concept, difficult in practice.

Nobody will ever say you’re easy, but that’s why you’re so special. You ARE the journey. You’re the destination and the in-between. You’re a constant reminder of the choices I’ve made. Good or bad, you don’t let me forget them.

Thank you for all of the lessons. All of the choices. And the freewill to take from them what I want.

Life. I love you.

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