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by David N Johnson

November 29, 2018

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Be careful where you set your aim, it will influence how you see the world.

Each one of us are a byproduct of our past selves, the people we spend time with, the books we read, and a thousand other things that make up the moments of our lives. That’s what makes you so beautifully you!

We all see things differently. Each of us have a slightly different angle in which we see the world, our surroundings are colored by what we chase. In other words, the goals we set for ourselves determine our focus and how the world looks from our perspective.

That’s not a bad thing. Just make sure that you’re chasing the right goals. Many times we get so focused on obtaining a goal that we never stop to think if it’s actually the right goal for us. During the chase everything looks good because the world around you is tinted the same color as your goal, but then when you get there you realize that you made a mistake.

Many times, in order to obtain a goal, life will pass through a set of filters. Each one filters out thought patterns, habits, things, and yes even people. So, you must be careful of the goals you chase, is it really what you want?

So, aim carefully. Take the time to consider the chase AND the destination BEFORE setting your GPS.

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