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by David N Johnson

November 23, 2018

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Detach yourself from the things you can’t control or they will end up controlling you. Many times we spend more time spinning our wheels, trying to gain purchase, than we do pushing forward.

Life is full of obstacles, some real and some imagined, but it’s the obstacles that we can’t control that seam to take up the most of our time. Why is it that we spend so much time on the things we can’t change and so little on those that we have cause over?

The answer to that question is deeply personal to each one of us and while I’d love to give you the answer, it’s a riddle that only you can solve. The older I get and the more wise I become (at least in my own mind) I’m learning the importance of detaching myself from the uncontrollable things in my life, or rather detaching so much of my attention from them.

There’s nothing quite like spending untold amounts of your precious time on something only to learn that you’re no closer to changing it than when you started. It’s one of the great fallacies of life, one that can be changed with a little foresight. Before launching, ask yourself if it’s something you have cause over. If you don’t, then consider focusing your attention elsewhere.

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