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by David N Johnson

October 18, 2018

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Why is it that we spend more time counting our troubles than we do examining our happiness?

We can have 10 things that make us happy but become so focused on the two things that don’t, that we forget all about the things that make us smile! It seems that our brains just want to focus on the bad. That no matter how hard we try the bad just sucks us in, hungry for our attention.

Always remember that the thoughts you give the most time to, the ones that you reflect on the most, are the ones that have the most power over who you are.

Who are we other than an accumulation of what we think about the most? Why think about the two bad things when you can reflect on the 10 things that bring you joy?

On the bus this morning (and every morning for that matter) I crossed over a bridge with beautiful views of mountains, trees, and a lake. Each time that I do I stop what I’m doing and look. It’s amazing how much joy that view brings me. I’m thankful for it.

Being thankful is how you train your brain not to give the bad so much reflection time. Instead, practice showing gratitude to everything you have that’s good in your life. Take 5 things that you’re the most thankful for and just write them down. Look at them multiple times a day and reflect WHY you are thankful for having them. Pray on it. Meditate over them. Live in the gratitude.

Right now think on just one thing that makes you happy. One thing that brings you joy. Now, reflect on it. Why does it make you happy? Now, out loud say “I’m thankful for ______ because it brings me joy.” Say it with meaning. Give it your full attention and really be thankful for it.

That’s one. Now give yourself 4 more.

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