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by David N Johnson

February 7, 2019

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Life has a way of pulling you down. It pushes back against you as you fight to move forward, whispering in your ear that you’re not good enough. It’s easy to escape with food, by running away, or by hiding at the bottom of a bottle. None of that makes the problem go away, it just trades one negative for another and then another as you finally back yourself in a corner with nowhere else to go. Is that how you want to live your life?

That’s rhetorical because I know the answer to that question. The answer is no. You have goals. There are things that you want in this life that may seem out of reach, but you want them anyway. But, damn it, life keeps getting in the way! So, you hide. You convince yourself that you’re not good enough. That you don’t deserve those things. You tell yourself these lies to help ease the pain, but all they do is prevent you from living your dreams. They put the life you want just out of reach as it taunts you with its potential. All of that demoralizes you and perpetuates a never-ending cycle of empty bottles and empty dreams.

None of that has to be. There is a powerful force inside you that is calling out to you. It calls you by name. It may be faint because all of the negative stuff you keep telling yourself is louder, but it’s there. It lives at the fringes of your conscious mind. You hear it all the time, but instead of embracing it you push it down and drown it out with food, booze, and lies. Why? Because it’s too good to be true. You convince yourself that you can’t have it because you’re unworthy. The pain you feel is just too much…

Hope. That’s what’s calling out to you. Hope for something more. Hope for a better life. That hope is your life jacket in a tumultuous life. It will keep you afloat with your head above water. It keeps your dreams alive until they can be realized. It’s your motivation for something better. Embrace it. Hold onto it tight until you can find your courage to get out of the choppy waters and realize that you’re more than your negative thoughts.

You’re wonderfully made. Powerful! You have what it takes to achieve the things you hope for. Yes, life can be hard, it pushes back against you, but you’re more powerful! You’re fierce! When you set your mind, you can’t be stopped. Sure, some things will slow you down but never let them stop you. Put down the fork, the booze, the lies, and your negative self-talk and live! There is so much out there in the world to experience, and you know what? It’s better with you in it. You have so much to give. So much joy to share with the rest of us and we crave it. We crave your contributions to our lives. You have so much potential, tap into it and start living! Your dreams can be a reality. Grab ahold of them and live!

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David N Johnson

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David N Johnson

  • Doug Larpin says:

    Very beautifully written, David. I shared this with my sister, she really needed to hear it.

    • David N Johnson says:

      I’m honored that you liked it enough to share it with your sister. I hope it helps.

    • David N Johnson says:

      Well shucks… thank you!

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