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by David N Johnson

December 26, 2018

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Do you find yourself stumbling through life without a purpose? With nothing more to look forward to than just another day, your next meal, and going home after you leave a job you hate? If so, you just might be a member of the walking dead.

You have all the signs of life on the outside. You breathe, you eat, you may even find joy in life from time to time, but you’re dead on the inside. You lack purpose and stumble into the next day more out of obligation than for the joy of it.

I know, I know. “David, your posts are always so positive. What gives?” Well, it’s the end of another year and the start of a new. It’s the time for reflection and planning. It’s time to wake up. The world needs you awake. YOU need you awake.

Stop stumbling and start walking with purpose. Go confidently into each day knowing what it is that you want to accomplish. Not just today but this week, month, and year.

Find your purpose. It all starts with quiet reflection. Look inward and ask yourself what you want. Then, bring others in with you and share with them your vision. Show them how awake you are and then live it!

Be wary of the other walking dead, they don’t like to see the apathy of others replaced with purpose. Purpose that eludes them, purpose that they too can have but just aren’t woke enough to go after it. They will drag you down. They will devour your purpose until there is nothing left of you but scorn, depression, and a distant dream that you once believed in something bigger.

Today is your day one. Today is your day of awakening. Today is the day you decide to live out your purpose. Today is the day you see more. The day you feel more. The day that you decide to come alive. Today is your day. Grab it.

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