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by David N Johnson

November 11, 2018

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Take responsibility for your own story. If you often look back and regret a previous chapter of your life then it might be time for you to stop being so passive.

This is YOUR story. It’s time to reaffirm your values, act on them, and make them an ongoing priority in your life. Action will empower you to speak up. It will empower you to grab the pen of your life and to start writing your story with more intention.

Passiveness will lead you astray. It leaves you vulnerable to the machinations of other people, it makes you easily influenced. Passiveness means allowing others to write your story. Why would you give up your pen? You’re the hero in this story, don’t allow somebody else to write it.

Knowing who you are is an important part of knowing what you will do. More importantly, it tells you what you will NOT do. Knowing who you are will allow you the ability to resist the negative influence of others.

Isn’t it time that you know who are so that you better know who you aren’t?

Passiveness leads to weakness of character. It leads to regret and half wrote chapters. Take action. Live your story.

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