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by David N Johnson

October 29, 2018

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Make kindness the cornerstone of all your interactions this week. Stop and offer a kind word when one is needed, pay for a strangers coffee, drop a dollar in the shaking cup of a homeless person… lend an ear.

It’s an ongoing debate about whether or not man is inherently evil or if it’s society that instills it after birth. l’ve always believed in the goodness of people. I don’t subscribe to the notion that we are born evil, but I do believe that all of us have a propensity towards it. In other words, while we have a great capacity for evil it’s NOT our default. Evil is a choice for most of us, just like it was for the shooter in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

We can all look around and see evil all around us. Shootings and bombings, rape and genocide, murder and child abuse. We can choose to believe that we’re evil at birth or we can accept the fact that evil people are made (I’m not referring to people with mental health issues) and work towards doing something about it.

Be kind. Show compassion. Love others. Don’t be a bully. Offer a helping hand. Give of your time and resources. Together we can go further, together we can make a change.

Consider this your call to action. Stop believing that one person can’t make a difference, because you can. Focus on making a better you so that you can better the world around you. If each one of us took it upon ourselves and made kindness a movement (I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but think about it) we’d see a lot more people choosing it over being evil.

Kindness > Evil

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