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by David N Johnson

December 17, 2018

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Be adaptable. Learn to bend so that you don’t break. Being too rigid prevents you from springing forward after a setback. It leaves you susceptible to being broken.

Keep in mind that there aren’t many things in life that are certain. Don’t take that as demotivational, rather see it as the opposite. Understanding that very few things in life are certain makes you understand the importance of remaining adaptable to the changing tide. It’s swift and it’s powerful, fighting it is futile. So, learn to embrace it. Learn to adapt so that you can push forward even when something happens that would break another person.

Be prepared. Expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Things happen. Setbacks are a given. It’s your mindset that will see you through and being adaptable to the uncertainty of life will give you a leg up by allowing you to overcome the push backs.

Never allow yourself to be broken down by your failures. Rather, learn to understand that they are a part of life. Learn how to learn from not making it so that you can better bob and weave, sure, but more importantly allow it to teach how to take a punch in the mouth and keep moving forward.

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