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by David N Johnson

December 28, 2018

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Was I significant in the life of another today? Did my day have meaning? At the end of each day I can’t always answer those questions with a yes but the more I ask it of myself and the more I reflect on the days missed opportunities, the easier it becomes to spot the moments that allow me to answer those questions in the affirmative.

You see, being significant in the lives of others isn’t a desire that we’re innately born with. At least it’s not for me. My intention is to do good, to help those that need it, but I’m not always cognizant of those moments where I can have an impact. Like most people, I must train myself to shift my focus from I to we. From me to us. Then and only then can I lead a life of significance.

That training comes from reflecting on the days missed opportunities. It’s the time spent thinking about those missed moments that gives us the wherewithal to be more in the moment, to think less about self and more about what’s going on in the world around us.

Did you miss a moment in the past few days where you had an opportunity to add value to the life of another but were too wrapped up in something less important to take notice? At least while you were in the moment? If you can answer yes (we all can) to those questions ask yourself if that person could still use your assistance, if they can, make it happen.

Make becoming significant a habit. Remember, we are what we repeatedly do, so why not repeatedly do something that makes us all better? [click_to_tweet tweet=”Do something that has an impact on the world around you.” quote=”Do something that has an impact on the world around you.”] Believe me, that’s how you make the world just a little bit better and your life a whole lot more so because of it.

Become significant.

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