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by David N Johnson

December 27, 2018

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Emotional control is a by product of rumination, understanding, and the ability to slow down your reaction time. We’re emotional creatures, pulled one way or another by how we react to stimuli. Learning how to control your reaction to your emotional state will give you the level of clarity needed to reshape whatever life throws your way.

Too many times we react to stimuli in the same emotional state we find ourselves at the time. Instead, learn to slow things down, process the moment, and chose which reaction best fits your present AND future self. Remember, you have to live with your reactions, so make them good ones.

Somehow, we’ve found ourself in the midst of a cultural shift towards outrage. Just pay attention to the comment section of any seamingly innocent video and you’ll know what I mean. That’s not to say that outrage is never the correct emotion, but what you do with that outrage and how you allow it to define your actions is of the utmost importance.

You are not the sum of your emotions. Rather, you’re the construct of how you assign meaning to them. The meaning assigned having more impact on who you are than your initial emotional response.

You can always determine your own response. Or, you can allow life to lead you in the direction it’s laid out for you. The decision is yours but I assure you that if you allow life to be your leader all you’ll ever do is walk in circles.

Think about it.

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