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by David N Johnson

October 30, 2018

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One person CAN make a difference. You’ve been duped into believing that one is too small a number to elicit change. You’ve been lied to. One is the perfect number to get started with.

Make it your goal to inspire just one other person to want to inspire another. Movements have to start somewhere. Why not with you?

You can’t live a passive life. You MUST get off the sidelines, roll up your sleeves and get to work. How else are you going to inspire others to do the same?

Action begets action begets action.

Here are a few principles to get started:

1. Hate should never be used to motivate others into action. An angry mob only causes the opposition to dig in. It strengthens their resolve.

2. Be better. Focus on what is right and live your choice. You must be more than the words you preach. Live them.

3. People are always watching. The opposition wants to find that chink in your armor, they want to exploit your vulnerabilities for their own gain. Don’t allow that to happen. Stay vigilant.

4. Be aware that sacrifices must be made. Future gains require it. It can be a sacrifice of time, money, or resources. Know your limit up front and what you are willing to sacrifice to bring about change. Know what the cost is.

5. Be above the pettiness. Be the leader others WANT to follow. Don’t get stuck in the bog of the petty back and forth. Do more. Say less.

6. Others matter. Just because they disagree with you doesn’t mean they are beneath you. Lift others up. Love those that disagree with you every bit as much as you love those that agree.

You’re enough. Get started.

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