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by David N Johnson

March 26, 2019

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Clear. Like glass. The water flows as far as the eye can see. Islands, all hills and trees, break up the monotony of the still lake. The shrill cry of a hawk echoes through the landscape as early Spring begins to take over for Winter, a struggle that neither is ready to lose. The sun, just an hour awaken from its slumber, starts to chase away the chill of the night, aiding Spring in its eventual victory over Winter. Even the trees are ready and come to the aid of Spring as green buds can be seen sprouting from twisted branches. The promise of rebirth is just weeks away.

Life is beauty. Beauty is life. How you see the world around you colors everything you do. Focus on the hostility of life, and you’ll live a life of what ifs and regret. Focus on its beauty and what life can offer, and you’ll begin to see the magic in everything around you. By learning to reframe your life in a more positive narrative, you’ll be better able to spot the opportunities that life brings with it. Remember, we may not be able always to avoid the pain, but suffering because of it is an option.

Affirmation – Today I’m as a child. I see the wonder and newness in everything around me. Today, I’ll look at the world from a new perspective. One of optimism and abundance. Today and all of my days forward I will reframe my view of the world around me so that I can better spot its opportunities. Today, I am a new person.

As always, the choice is yours. How do you choose to see the world around you?

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