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by David N Johnson

December 6, 2018

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Be calm. Learn not to fluster easily. Stay in control at all times and remember that when it comes to how you react that you’re in charge.

I understand that was much easier to write than it is in actual practice. People can be frustrating, circumstances are not always positive, and life can seemingly spin out of control at a moments notice. Just remind yourself to slow it down. Don’t react right away and reflect BEFORE making a decision.

A decision made while calm is usually the better one. The opposite just leads to more trouble. That is why learning to be unflappable is such an important character trait.

This is accomplished by maintaining your compassion and tolerance levels towards all those involved. Tunnel vision is common during times of stress but if you work on your ability to always see the bigger picture, while at the same time keeping things in perspective, you become more capable of weathering the storm.

By learning how to stay calm on the outside, it’s easier to internalize the calmness on the inside. Plus, learning to stay cool under pressure is just good for your health. Stress does all sorts of bad things to your body.

Stay in control. It’s your life, it’s your story. Remain calm and push forward.

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