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by David N Johnson

December 11, 2018

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Metacognition is a fancy word. It rolls of the tongue quite nicely and is fun to say (at least for me, but I’m strange). Metacognition is defined by the process of thinking about your own thought processes. It’s about becoming aware of your awareness and how you know what you know.

Simply put, it’s all about knowing why you think the way that you do. We all have biases cultivated due to the lives we lead, the people we surround ourselves with, and how we react to it all.

Have you ever taken an inventory of your own biases and asked yourself if they are still applicable? We’re they ever?

If you spend time asking yourself why and really get to the root of why you think they way you do you are better able to mold your perceptions in such a way that they aid in you in obtaining the life you want. Instead of fighting you every step of the way.

Finding and getting rid of your outdated thinking can be hard work and may require you to give up on thoughts or ideas that you’re fond of but that’s only the beginning. To truly do away with erroneous thinking you must replace them with thoughts and ideas that are more conducive to the life you want to live. This goes back to what I’ve been preaching latery: REFLECTION.

By reflecting on both the why and the how behind why you think the way you do, you can rewire your brain to think in ways that benefit your current self. Many times it’s your personal biases against what you’re capable of that is most preventing you from obtaining all that life has to offer. Stop it. Why do you think that way? Get to the root cause and replace it with something that propels your forward instead of pushes you back.

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