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by David N Johnson

November 1, 2018

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Success ebbs and flows but significance endures. A good name, in my estimation, is vastly more important than good riches. It’s more important, and longer lasting, to focus more on who you are than what you’ve earned.

That’s not to say that financial success is wrong. I’m just pointing out that your legacy depends more on the lives you’ve made better than the number of zeros in your bank account. Living a life of significance will bring you true happiness. A level of joy not¬†obtainable with the writing of a check.

If each of us were to focus on being significant in the lives of others the world would be a much better place.

Sorry for the morbidity but if you were to die today, what would others think about your legacy? What would you want them to think? Is there a difference? If so, work on that difference.

Significance means being intentional with your life (see yesterdays post) so that others benefit from it as much as you do. Significance means being part of the solution. It means to give less than you take. Significance is the end result of a life well lived.

How are you chasing significance? What differences have you made? No need to answer. Just think about it.

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