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by David N Johnson

April 17, 2019

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We all want it. We pursue happiness like it’s a thing to be won. Many times we don’t even know what makes us happy yet we assign goals to our lives in a seemingly futile attempt to obtain it. Then, we spend years of our lives chasing those goals only to find out, at the end of our lives, that we’re no happier than when we started. Sound familiar?

Happiness isn’t something that you can hustle and grind toward. It’s not outside you in any way whatsoever. Happiness isn’t some tangible thing that must be acquired. But, many of us see it as precisely that. We chase a certain income thinking it will make us happy, that only if our bank accounts had a specific amount, then life would be better. Or, if only I lost a certain amount of weight, or met the right person, or worked for a different company, or had a better relationship with my spouse, or… you get the point. Happiness cannot be obtained. It’s not something that you work towards.

Much like you can’t work towards it, you can’t manifest it into existence with positive thinking. Abundance thinking places emphasis on obtaining happiness (or whatever else you want) outside yourself just like acquisition thinking in the previous paragraph. Happiness isn’t something to be received or obtained. It’s not something to be given to you if you think positive enough.

No, happiness isn’t either one of those things. Happiness is internal, not external. It’s been right there inside you the whole time. So, if happiness can’t be given or obtained then where does the quest for it end? There is no end to the quest for happiness because there is no need to go on the quest at all! There is no need to find something that isn’t lost. Happiness is something that you create. It doesn’t have to be down the road. It can be right now.

Happiness is more of a choice than a destination. It’s the journey, not the goal. You have to be okay with being a work in progress. You have to be okay with where you’re at in life in relation to your goals because you’ve decided to create happiness along the way.

Look within. You’re the diamond in the rough. You spend so much time dulling your shine with things and what-ifs that you have forgotten what makes you special. Your shine is still there, it has just been covered up with years of neglect and forgotten about. Refocus your attention on self and shine on. You’re beautiful. You are happiness.

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