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by David N Johnson

November 11, 2018

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You are not equal to your current self. You’re so much more than who you are right now. So stop devaluing who you are based on where you are at the moment.

As I reflected on what I wanted to post this morning I kept coming back to a simple formula that explains what I mean:

Current You + Your Potential = The Real You

As simple as that is think about what would happen if you didn’t work toward your true potential? You’d be less than the real you! Remember algebra? If you subtract your potential from the equation you get:

Current You = The Real You – Your Potential

In other words, if you fail to live up to everything that you could be then the current you is all that you will ever be. How does that make you feel? Are you working towards everything that you can be?

We all have more potential. We all have the ability to be more, to do more, to become more. What a shame it is to not use your God-given talents to make both your life more significant and the lives of the those around better.

Don’t limit yourself to the current you. The world needs the real you more than you know.

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