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by David N Johnson

February 13, 2019

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Always remember that you’re not the only person facing trials. We all have problems; things that hinder our happiness, prevent our successes and isolate us from others. It’s all in HOW we manage those trials that dictate the person we become after the trial is over.

Our problems have a way of separating us from the people closest to us. Sometimes it’s on them, other times it’s on us. We tend to pull back when problems arise and forget to ask for help. We start to believe that little voice in our head telling us that this is it. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re not alone. You can make it. This is not the end.

It’s vital that you understand that we are not the sum of our emotions. Instead, we are the sum of the meaning that we assign to those emotions. The former we don’t always have control over but the latter we do. How we feel isn’t always a choice, but how we decide to let those emotions shape us is.

All of us have thought demons running around in our heads, lying to us, whispering in our ears that we aren’t good enough. Don’t listen to them. You ARE good enough. Don’t give up. Focus on how the trials you’re facing will make you stronger. Yes, it sucks that you have to go through them but since you are let them forge you into a better version of yourself.

Just as heat and pressure are used to turn iron into forged steal, so shall the heat and pressure of your trials make you stronger.

The Best Way Is Through

Avoidance is not the answer. Each time we avoided something that scares us we keep piling on the failures, the anxiety, and the belief that we’re weak. The best way to tackle any trial is head on. Don’t skirt it. Exposure to the problem is the best way to find answers. It’s the only way through. You have to face your fears head on instead of allowing the anxiety of it to intensify.

Exposure is hard. I know that. You know that. But exposure creates strength. It creates a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment. While that’s great, exposure will also increase your skills, behavior and your mastery in overcoming that particular type of trial.

What trials are you facing?

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