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by David N Johnson

October 15, 2019

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Do good.

Love others.

Give more than you take.

Do that, and you fill your life with happiness. We all do it, and we fill the world with joy.

If we change our reasons why from giving to receive to giving to give, then we improve both our perception of self and how others see us.

Do Good.

Two short words that mean so much. Learn to live them. Make doing good your default course of action and watch your whole world change. Others will take notice. You’ll feel better. Your life will be more fulfilling. The more good you do, the more good we all do, the less room we have in this world for the bad.

Love Others.

Two more words that will have a massive impact on your life and the lives of others. Always treat others as if you love them. As if they MATTER. As I’ve written about before, if you start treating another human being as if they are less than, then your whole outlook on life will become one of bitterness and angst.

Give More Than You Take.

Life is a series of give and take transactions. If you have one more check in the giving column than you do in the taking column, then you are better able to maintain a positive balance in your daily transactions. If we all do that, the world WILL change.

At scale, these concepts are hard. We’d have to change the collective mindsets of entire groups of people to affect the kind of change I’m talking about here. But, if we take the idea that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, you’ll start to realize that changing your own outlook will both move your own life in the right direction and will create a viral effect with those around you.

Do good. Love others. Give more than you take.

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