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by David N Johnson

March 22, 2019

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I’ll be 40 this year. My life over the last year and a half or so looks utterly different from my life prior. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned how to push past fear, the importance of interpersonal relationships, and what it means to start over. I learned so much about myself during this process that I’ve found new meaning.

I’ve learned that we can either blame life for the hand we’re dealt, fold, and walk away from it, or we can rise to the occasion, learn from the defeat, and take full ownership of the trajectory of our lives.

You must be willing to connect with the moment, with others, with nature, but most of all you must be ready to connect with your very being. With your center. With your soul. Remember this: before you can ever hope to convince another person of anything you must first be able to convince yourself that you’re worth following. But, you must also know that because you’re human, you’re fallible. I say this because if you’re to stay the course, you HAVE to know that you will have a misstep from time to time.

It’s in the moments of self-doubt that your confidence will start to erode. That’s why it’s essential to understand that because you are human, you will make mistakes. It’s part of growth. The better you know the importance of learning from those mistakes the better you’re able to stay the course.

So, what does all this have to do with spirituality? Everything. As I mentioned in my previous post on success and living a balanced life, I’m a Christian. I believe in God. So, a big part of my own spirituality is religion. But, you must keep in mind that spirituality and religion are two different things. Spirituality is about being aware of a higher calling. It’s about being connected to more than just the material world. So, if you’re not a believer I can’t let you of the hook. True success requires the balance that spirituality brings to your life. It gives your life meaning.

What meaning does your life have? Finding it will change everything. It gives you purpose. It will challenge you. It will make you a better person. It will allow you to find true happiness.

Spirituality isn’t just about the belief in God. It’s about your belief in others and how you connect with them. It answers the question: how should I live my life?

So, find your meaning. Learn how to connect to each moment of your life. Don’t neglect your spirituality on your journey to success because you’ll never find it.

Typically, I’d give you a few ways to be more this or more that but the fact of the matter is that spirituality is deeply personal and different for each one of us. So, I’ll leave you with this. Find your wonder. Connect with others on a deeper level and always ask what you can add to the relationship. Chase what brings you joy. Most of all, take advantage of what life brings. Learn and grow. Live your moments, don’t squander them. Live and love by design.

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